As commercial flooring contractors T W Flooring has over 35 years experience providing Linoleum Flooring to numerous establishments requiring a durable floor covering, whilst remaining stylish in design.

Linoleum is a natural product derived from renewable raw materials. The sustainable sourcing and manufacturing process makes it one of the best floor coverings from an ecological point of view. By choosing Linoleum you can be assured that you have made an environmentally sound choice.

Whether it’s used in sheet form or tiles it can offer a versatile choice for a variety of areas. The range of colours and design will allow you to achieve virtually any style.

Linoleum is commonly used in;

  • Healthcare
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Offices
  • Public Buildings
  • Retail

We can offer a wide range of Linoleum specific to you needs, without compromising on choice or style. As everyone’s requirements are unique our knowledgeable staff will arrange a visit to discuss your needs and advise on the most appropriate and cost effective products. We directly employ all of our staff to ensure a high level of workmanship along with reliable and consistent customer service.

Linoleum Linoleum Linoleum