Latex Screeds and Floor Paints

Latex Screeds and Floor Paints

As commercial flooring contractors T W Flooring has over 35 years experience providing Latex Screed and Floor Paints to numerous establishments requiring a hard wearing, resilient floor covering.

If you have a problem with uneven or damaged floors latex and acrylic screeds can provide the answer. As a levelling and smoothing compound latex screeds are used to achieve a surface suitable for installation of a floor covering or simply left to provide a safer floor.

Whether you need a solution for wet slippery floors, chemical spillages or simply brightening up floors that have seen better days there will be a floor paint to solve your flooring problems. Painting your concrete floor gives it a sealant minimising dust and prolonging its life with a durable easily maintained finish. It can also have slip resistant properties and be suitable for high traffic and heavy machinery. The various finishes and colours make it suitable for a variety of Industrial uses together with areas such as showrooms that require a decorative look.

Latex Screeds and Floor Paints are commonly used in;

  • Science Laboratories
  • Kitchens and Food Preparation Areas
  • Toilets and Washrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Show Rooms
  • Factories

We can offer a wide range of resilient Floor Paints and Latex Screeds specific to you needs, without compromising on choice or style. As everyone’s requirements are unique our knowledgeable staff will arrange a visit to discuss your needs and advise on the most appropriate and cost effective products. We directly employ all of our staff to ensure a high level of workmanship along with reliable and consistent customer service.

Latex Screeds and Floor Paints Latex Screeds and Floor Paints Latex Screeds and Floor Paints